A Trip to the Moon with Belle Dee

I wish I could draw.  I mean,really draw.  I’ve always done a bit of sketching, cartooning, and there are people from my distant past who may very well remember me solely as an artist.  As a teenager, I handmade holiday cards for my parents and I once did a rendering of Mackenzie Phillips from the hit TV series ONE DAY AT A TIME but my penciling never got much past that; by about age 20 or so, I shifted to writing almost exclusively.  Because I’m such a groveling wannabe when it comes to the pen and ink, I’m especially envious and excited by people who have given themselves over to the discipline of drawing and painting, have honed their craft to the point of being really good at it.  I’m even more envious when these artists deal in subjects of the grotesque and arabesque, of all things spookylike and monsterrific.  I’m proud to have such sketchy pals in my coterie as Frank Dietz, Rob Kelly and Charlie Largent and I’m equally tickled to fold in a new friend, the artist and renderer of all things sexygothicool Belle Dee.  Belle took some time out of her busy schedule to play a little game of Q&A with me, and I humbly present the fruit of that loom to readers of The Movie Morlocks: [...MORE]

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